Please join us tomorrow morning at 10am for an IWF online chat.  The chatroom is available here.  IWF’s Charlotte Hays will be discussing Peggy Drexler’s book, Raising Boys without Men: How Maverick Moms are Creating the Next Generation of Exceptional Men.

Charlotte describes the book in a review over on the IWF homepage:

“For Peggy Drexler, a boy’s best friend is his mother, or, as the case may be, his mothers. A ‘former gender scholar at Stanford University,’ according to the dust jacket, Drexler, currently an assistant professor of psychology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, argues that a mother or mothers are superior to the traditional mother/father family and that such ‘maverick mothers’ are more likely to raise ‘exceptional’ boys.”

But, are “maverick mothers” really better parents than a traditional mom/dad arrangement? What is best for the children? Find out tomorrow in our online chat.

Here’s a summary of the vitals:

When: Thursday December 21 at 10am
Where: The IWF chatroom
What: An online chat about Peggy Drexler?s Raising Boys Without Men
Who: Charlotte Hays and YOU