Courtesy of Rod Dreher comes this column for Town Hall by Mike S. Adams, criminology professor at the University of North Carolina’s Wilmington campus, where he’s apparently the only conservative prof. on an ultra-politically correct and “sensitive” campus. It’s an open letter to one of his students:

“Dear (name deleted):

I received your message indicating surprise and disappointment with your final grade this semester. In your message, you said ‘I did miss several days in your class. I did not mean to miss but I was just going through so much this semester with a death in my family, my house got robbed, fired from my job for being 10 minutes late and my good friend died so i [sic] am sorry for that.'”

Read Mike’s very politically incorrect and insensitive response, especially after he looks up his records and discovers that the kid actually missed 28 sessions of his class. You’ll die laughing.