Christina Hoff Sommers’ The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Boys was greeted by feminist screeches. They claimed that boys are doing just fine in our highly-feminized schools, thank-you very much. But confirmation of sorts of Hoff Sommers’ thesis comes from abroad — an article in the U.K. Telegraph reports that boys can learn better in separate schools where such feminist-condemned traits as competitiveness are honored:

Teachers should be encouraged to tailor classes to fit the needs of boys, with more emphasis on “competitive” lessons and the reading of non-fiction books, according to the review, chaired by Christine Gilbert, the head of Ofsted, the schools watchdog.

The recommendation follows the publication of GCSE results last summer which showed that boys were achieving a level of performance that girls had reached seven years before.

Today’s report calls for a huge shake-up in the way education is delivered over the next 15 years to ensure that school leavers in 2020 have all the requisite skills.

“It seems clear to us that the education system will not achieve the next ‘step change’ in raising standards simply by doing more of the same: a new approach is required,” it says.