David Warren makes some trenchant remarks about the Canadian court’s ruling that one child can have three parents:

“‘D.D.’ is the poor innocent child who is the first person in the world to be thus over-endowed with parentage. One is the mother who bore him; one is the father who ‘donated’ the sperm; and one is his mother’s lesbian partner, who becomes co-equally a parent in the hallucination of this fresh-written Canadian law.

“How do you argue against a decision that attempts to strike down a basic reality of human life? And which has huge implications, to the future of children and all social relations — not only in this perverse, court-governed country, but as a dramatic legal precedent far beyond our shores. Implications which the court, in its written judgment, could not be bothered to consider.”

While we’re on the subject of family relations, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann note that of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination that the only one who hasn’t had more that one wife is a Mormon.