IWF’s Yasmine Rassam weighs in on Saddam’s execution over at Townhall.com today.  Many Iraqis have been executed in the past, but this time things were different:

“The cold corridors of the headquarters of the Fifth Section of Iraqi Intelligence saw a strange sight last week: the Great Executioner was being led to his end in the same desolate and damp room where his victims once cried in vain for help. These victims forlorn cries were in vain — most never saw the light of day again. And while those executed in that room were invariably innocent of any crime except opposition, real or imagined, to the Baathist regime, the new visitor was convicted by an Iraqi court of law for very specific, well-documented crimes.”

Read the whole article here to get Yasmine’s take on the end of the Saddam era.