Writer Jack Kemp has communicated the following to me in the wake of Barbara Boxer’s scurrilous and tacky jibe against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for being a childless woman. Note: Kemp is inventing what he calls “the logical extension of Boxer’s remarks”:

Sen. Boxer’s new legislation: Barbara’s Law

Barbara Boxer (D-California) is expected to soon be introduced legislation in the US Senate to bar women who do not have children from many jobs that bear on life and death decisions. Under this bill, women would be barred from medicine, nursing, the military, federal office holding of any kind, police work, managerial positions in companies that have life-risking activities and products such as defense contractors, airlines, construction companies, drug manufacturing’s production and research divisions. Women flight attendants would also be barred because, in a flight emergency, they also have to make life and death decisions and they don’t have a stake in the next generation because they are childless. Portraying mothers in the theater or motion pictures would also be banned. Also, childless women would be barred from elementary, secondary and college teaching because that work prepares children for adulthood, which involves many life and death decisions.

A spokeswoman for the Nation Organization for Women could not be reached for comments – on either this bill or her previous remarks about Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice.