…from writer Jack Kemp, in an email to me:

Boxer channels her “inner Barbra.”
Barbara Boxer, a Brooklyn native, like her fellow unelected Democrat Barbra Streisand, showed the real face of the Democratic Party yesterday. It was the face of a petty, vindictive lout, hateful of anyone who disagrees with them.
The Party of Compassion’s spokeswoman of the day viciously claimed at a Senate hearing that the Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, didn’t know the price of war because she was childless. I can realistically assume that Barbara Boxer’s children, now too old to serve, did not volunteer for the military and would have found a way to be far from combat if they somehow could be drafted.
Yesterday we saw the opposite side of the coin. The “Mommy Party” was revealed as also the Embittered Feminazi Hag Party. This is the “Rosie O’Donnelling” of the Democratic Party. And, by the way, Do Rosie O’Donnell or Gloria Steinem have biological children?
Boxer, the former stockbroker who made
“a killing” in Haliburton stock a few years ago (VP Cheney was the CEO at the time), lowered the bar for both her personal level of hypocrisy and the Democratic Party’s to a new level to limbo-dance under.
When Dr. Rice was first proposed as Secretary of State, a “liberal” (or Liberal in Name Only) cartoonist drew her as a bird with thick lips, resembling some aspects of Butterfly McQueen in
“Gone With the Wind,” a poor black kitchen slave. That was the Democratic reaction to an African-American woman rising to a high position on her own merit. Boxer’s recent attack on Rice was a reprisal of this same spiteful attitude.
I am going to engage in an over-the-top comparison, namely because Barbara Boxer’s animal rage invokes such comparisons. In the Civil Rights era, we had the image of Sheriff “Bull” Conner trying to stop the advance of blacks. This ugly display yesterday by Sen. Barbara Boxer, I contend, is her Bull Conner Moment — and it will have implications with African-American voters in the days and years to come. Perhaps not so much with the longtime Democrat supporters, but more so with younger voters. It also, I believe, turned the stomach of a number of liberal/moderate white voters, as was the case in the wake of Sen. John Kerry’s remarks about Vice President Cheney’s lesbian daughter.

Funny how racist and sexist a Democratic feminist can be when the person they are considering works for a different political administration. But this wasn’t as much so racist as much as it was Barbara Boxer’s inner hatred of anyone standing in the way of her getting absolute political power. Now I know what Hitler would have looked like if he had shaved off his mustache — and worn makeup.