IWF has a snazzy new publication Indecency available here.  Here’s the description from our IWF’s president, Michelle Bernard:
“Remember Bono’s expletive during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards or Janet Jackson’s ’wardrobe malfunction’ during the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show?
“Since that time, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sought to censor and regulate whatever it dubs ’indecent’ on radio and broadcast television. It now appears that the FCC’s system of indecency regulation will be resolved in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second and Third Circuits very soon. At the Independent Women’s Forum, we believe more government regulation and censorship are not the answer in dealing with these issues.
“In the newly released IWF special report visiting fellow Solveig Singleton examines the many problems with the government’s attempts to regulate media content. Not only does government involvement threaten First Amendment rights and create the significant problem of defining what’s appropriate and what’s not, but government regulations can also backfire and have the potential to create a race to the bottom in terms of content.
“The coarsening of our culture concerns all of us at IWF. The good news, as Ms. Singleton details, is that new technologies are creating innovative, more effective ways for parents to control their children’s access to materials. But parents have to commit to using these new tools and to continue the hard work of policing their children’s activities. The real solution can only come when all of us commit to working as individuals and in communities to rebuild our civil society.”
Read Indecency here.