It’s hilarious and I’d recommend watching it soon (before YouTube removes it — which it will likely do soon). 

Thank goodness SNL has a good person to play Hillary.  And, of course, Darrell Hammond is masterful in a lot of political roles — Bill Clinton, Chris Matthews, Al Gore, etc.  But, do they have a good Obama or Edwards?  I haven’t watched SNL much recently, but if they are going to continue to do good election skits, I’ll have to tune in.  Their 2000 election skits (2004 wasn’t fabulous) were amazing — the best of which was a skit about the third presidential debate featuring Will Ferrell as Dubya and Darrell Hammond as Al Gore.  Each candidate was asked to sum up his argument into one word: Ferrell said “strategery” and Hammond said “lockbox.” And thus an instant classic was born.  Hopefully 2008 will give us some comedic gems.