In assessing whether Hillary will get “the women’s vote,” Myrna Blyth poses THE question:

“The problem for Hillary-of-a-Thousand-Faces is which Hill to be? These voters are not the women who kept their maiden name, like Hillary Rodham once did. They are not the women who think it admirable to stand by a man who has had a sexual relationship with a girl not much older than his daughter. No wonder it is ‘Hillary for President’ with the ‘Rodham’ forgotten and the ‘Clinton’ downplayed.

“In her book Closing the Leadership Gap,’ Marie Wilson, who runs the White House Project, a supposedly nonpartisan organization that has as its goal the election of a woman president (any guess who that woman might be?), notes that the United States ‘has been steered by male leadership who tend to lead from a self-centered, self-preservation perspective.’ (Sounds like both Pa and Ma Clinton to me.) In contrast, ‘Women … are inclined to lead, their families and nations, from an other-centered perspective.’ Anyone who has ever seen Evita’ knows that this is not quite true.”