I posted last week about the DC premiere of Mine Your Own Business (a film that explores the dark side of environmentalism).  I’m excited to see the film, and after getting a press release from the Moving Picture Institute this morning about Greenpeace’s opposition to the film, I’m even more excited.  Here’s the key bit from the MPI press release:

WASHINGTON, DC Mine Your Own Business (MYOB), a film about the impact of the environmental movement, will premiere tonight at the National Geographic Auditorium despite protests, condemnations, and a call for censorship from environmental activists. The film’s directors, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, fellows of the Moving Picture Institute (MPI), called the controversy  “totalitarian” and “intolerant.”

Greenpeace Executive Director John Passacantando was invited to be a special guest at the screening. Instead, he sent a letter to National Geographic Society expressing outrage for their showing the film. “I’m appalled by their demand to shut down the film,” said MPI President Frayda Levy. “We invited them, but instead of joining us for a discussion, they display breathtaking narrow-mindedness. Regardless of whether you love or hate Mine Your Own Business, it deserves to be seen. What makes them so afraid of this film?” Environmental activists have compared the film to Nazi propaganda and to pornography.