We’ll see many Hillaries on display in the next two to six years. Myrna Blyth on the one we saw in Iowa: 

“Throughout her Iowa weekend the down-home milkshake-drinking Hillary was on display. According to the Des Moines Register she broke though the ‘media veneer’ — to which, I assume, the Des Moines Register believes it does not contribute — and ‘let her personality show.’ At least her pretty-in-pink personality.

“She was a Mom, and a touch of a ‘you go, girl’ feminist, in Des Moines. She talked tougher about Bush in Davenport and dropped her ‘bad, evil men’ line in Cedar Rapids. (By the way, according to her former press secretary Lisa Caputo, the ‘bad evil men’ she was referring to are, in fact, Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich, and George W. Bush. Fooled ya!).

“All the while she cleverly both emphasized and de-emphasized the ‘Can a woman be president?’ question. She told Des Moines Register columnist David Yepsin, ‘I’m not running as a woman but I’m proud to be one. I want people to vote for me on my merits but that includes who I am as a person. … There’s lot of excitement and eagerness to be part of a campaign to elect the first woman president. I sense that. I’m getting so much feedback from people all over. I had a man at the airport say to me, I’m so glad you are doing this because I have two daughters.’

“Oh, self-sacrificing Hillary, wanting to become the most important person in the world not for herself, but for the little girls of America. Yes, she was, as they say in Iowa, pretty darn slick — and it was only her first weekend out.”