Valentine’s Day is just a short week away.  For some of you that means boxes of chocolate, a romantic evening out on the town, or a girls night with your best friends.  But on college campuses, Valentine’s Day is a whole different ball game.  On campus, Valentine’s Day is V-Day.

V-DAY is “Violence Against Women Day.” The centerpiece of this radical feminist “holiday” is The Vagina Monologues, a vulgar play performed on more than 600 campuses every spring. On campus women will tell you that this play is helping to prevent violence against women; but although the play raises money for a good cause, the hyper-sexualized play counteracts the positive contributions of the feminist movement and degrades women.

Luckily, IWF has an alternative to V-Day.  IWF encourages students to “Take Back the Date” on their campus. Guys: Take women out. Open doors. Buy them flowers. Women: Let guys take you out. If you like a guy, ask him out yourself. Pass out IWF’s cupid flyer on campus as a way to restore chivalry and personal responsibility among students. Call people’s attention to the way Valentine’s Day has been politicized. Voice your opposition to V-Day.

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