Amanda Marcotte is a potty-mouthed blogger who likes to beat up on the Independent Women’s Forum — one of her latest tirades was against Charlotte Allen.

But now Amanda has attained a wider fame as one of the two bloggers hired — and then fired — by presidential candidate John Edwards.

Our old pal Amanda is in trouble for hostile remarks about religion, possibly not helpful to a Democrat who must appeal to oafs along with the enlightened folks such as Amanda. But the Democratic netroots gang sees the controversy as a make or break moment for…Edwards. Hotline has a round up of their reaction:

“The Bar Fight Primary” MyDD’s Matt Stoller wrote: “The way to gain my support in 2008 is to show that in a bar fight, your sympathies are with liberals and are set against the bullies that have been running the country for so long. You can run on anything you want, you can talk of unifying the country or any sort of conventional wisdom chatter. …But you have to speak on some critical point, some piece of entrenched power, and promise that you are going to gore that conservative ox.”

Amanda Marcotte, you go girl!