As Lucianne notes, the New York Times has put on its thinking cap to try to fathom something that is obvious to gals — being crazy in love. Opineth the Times:

“The charge of attempted murder lodged against Capt. Lisa Nowak is not just a tragedy for the astronaut and her family. It strikes at the cherished image of astronauts as superior individuals who can cope with stresses that might crumple the rest of us. However the criminal charges are ultimately resolved, there is already a clear lesson of this bizarre case: astronauts are human, subject to the same marital strains and mental aberrations that afflict more ordinary mortals.

“The space agency may need to revise its procedures for screening the psychological health of astronauts — particularly those who might embark on long space trips.”

Remember when we just had guy astronauts? It would be hard to imagine Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn as a love triangle. Hmmmm. Does this stir any thoughts for those who oppose women on submarines?