Over at the American Spectator, Bernard Chapin interviews Christina Hoff Sommers about feminism.  You can check out the interview here.  Here’s my favorite question:

Chapin: How necessary is the myth of oppression for feminists?

Sommers: Gender feminism thrives on the myth that American women are the oppressed “second sex.” No matter how much evidence you adduce against this thesis (e.g. women live longer than men; they are more likely to go to college; they have far more choices on how to live their lives) the gender feminist never changes her mind. The education scholar Diane Ravitch was amazed to find that feminists still claim that our colleges and universities are “failing at fairness” to females — even though women are approaching 60 percent of college enrollments. She asked a good question: “When will it be fair? When women are 60 percent, or 75 percent of college enrollments? Perhaps it will be fair when there are no men at all.”