Check out Peggy Noonan’s column over at the Wall Street Journal today.  Noonan tackles an interesting question:  Why is everyone obsessed with the 2008 election already?

“Part of the reason is structural: A technological revolution spawned a media revolution; new media is determined to win the day, old media is desperate to keep up. Large investments are at stake. Competition forces its own dynamism; everyone’s filing, live, on cable, on the Internet, from Manchester, N.H., or Ames, Iowa. The chatter is everywhere,” writes Noonan.

“In 1959 Teddy White stood in the snow by himself in New Hampshire and got to . . . reflect. Now ten thousand Teddys flood the zone. Of course they’re reduced to counting Barack Obama’s nose hairs. Actually they’re reduced to scrambling over each other for the sound bite from the man on the street when they know, actually, that there is no man on the street anymore in terms of . . . innocence, ingenuousness, ’my first time seeing a speech by a guy who could be president!’ Every voter’s a vet.”

Read the whole article here.