Chief Illiniwek will never again proudly dance down the field to Indian war music at a University of Illinois football game. Like so many cherished symbols, he has fallen victim to political correctness. Illinois alum Robert Novak mourns the loss:

"The accusation that Illinois and other schools degrade Native Americans is absurd. These schools picked Indian symbols in admiration of their valor, ferociousness and indomitable spirit in the face of overwhelming odds. Native Americans were honored in naming states. Illinois is Algonquin for 'tribe of superior men.' Indiana means the "land of the Indians."

"The NCAA originally demanded that the University of Illinois not only dump the Chief but also drop the Fighting Illini nickname. Would Brand next demand that the states of Illinois and Indiana change their names (sticky for the NCAA, which is headquartered in Indianapolis)? The NCAA backed away from its ban on the Fighting Illini, but not on Chief Illiniwek."