Media mogul David Geffen did us all a favor when he picked a fight with his erstwhile pal Hillary Clinton, telling columnist Maureen Dowd, “Everybody in politics lies, but [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

By doing so Geffen has inspired a flood tide of remembrance of Bill Clinton’s serial lying, thoroughly enabled by Hillary, that took place in the years they occupied the White House. As Arianna Huffington notes about what The New York Times calls Geffen’s “knee-capping tactics,” he “gave voice to the collective unconscious of many people — these things are on everybody’s minds.”

Upon cataloguing the former president’s lies — as well as the scandalous Lincoln-bedroom sleepovers the Clintons offered in exchange for lucrative political contributions — Lawrence Kudlow concludes that Geffen has “put a big hurt on the presidential aspirations of the former first lady.”

All in all, Geffen has done voters a service by reminding them of the moral shabbiness and pattern of duplicity that marked the Clinton White House — that is, as Kudlow puts it, by injecting these memories into Hillary’s presidential campaign “in startling Hollywood Technicolor.” Thanks to Geffen, many among us are likely to answer “no” to the question Kudlow raises: “Do voters really want to watch this low-grade C movie once more?”