Those who are not familiar with the Anchoress’s blogsite should be. She has a wide range of interests and is both wise and funny.

Take her entry today, titled “Watching Couric, Gore, and Clintons.” Among other topics she notes that we’d better well ask who the heck – and in particular what foreign potentates – are giving Bill Clinton “ten million buckaroos” annually for speaking engagements?

On this she links to Cal Thomas, who writes: “While other ex-presidents have spoken for money, there has been nothing on this scale and none of their spouses served as elected officials… [and] is running the never-ending campaign directed toward the most powerful office in the world.”

She also cites Martin Peretz, who catalogues the Clintons’ requests for contributions, for example, the Clinton Global Initiative, which asks for money on each of his and her birthdays. Quips the Anchoress: “They ask for money for their birthdays? I used to do that too – but I was twelve.”

(HT: Larwyn)