Just blew home yesterday from a brief visit to hawk my book in Houston, where people say grace at big public luncheons (“Lord, we jes’ ask you”) and where even those with criticisms of the administration are shocked by the way animosity towards the President is expressed up here. It was great to go someplace normal.

But that also means I’m only learning belatedly about Huffington Post’s ugly response to the news that a suicide bomb attack had not killed the Vice President. They’ve been removed, but not before Michelle Malkin saved a few. Here’s one:

“Cheney’s spokeswoman says he was fine.”



“If at first you don’t succeed…”

Huffington has claimed that such people are only a small percentage of her blogging base. Like Bill Kristol, I doubt this. He says:

“Enlighten us, Arianna. Poll your readers. Ask them: Are they pleased that the attempt against Vice President Cheney failed? Are they grateful that he is alive and well? Do you hope the U.S. prevails in Afghanistan? In Iraq?

“And if the poll turns out the way you hope, perhaps you should arrange to moderate the commenters so they don’t convey the impression that your readers are–as you put it — ‘unhinged’ and ‘fringe.'”