Gateway Pundit has live-blogged this important March 4-5 conference in Florida.

Here is its theme, as reported by Kuwait News Agency:

“An age of reformation is upon us that needs desperately to be responded to by people who embrace not only the faith as a personal and private matter, but who also wish to see their countries and nations move forward in a progressive and prosperous way to catch up with the 21st century.”

Among the 500 or so courageous speakers at the gathering are a number of women critics of Islamism, for example, Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan.

Iranian Banafsheh Zand, one of the organizers, said: “People in Islamic countries were taken into the “dark ages by the politicization of Islam.” She indicated that the Summit will become a “sanctuary for a lot of people who have been intimidated by the Jihad and radical Islamist forces, and [is intended] to essentially create an atmosphere of embracing the ideas of enlightenment, of greater understanding of science, reason, secular ideas, such as separation of religion and state, and of embracing their own cultural and national heritage, their historical identities and the formation of a solidarity movement that will help the Middle East and South Asian countries to have a leap forward in societal growth.”

Here’s hoping the summit strikes a blow for sanity against the Islamists.