Reading all the stories from Selma, I realize something deep and shabby about myself: I’ve missed them. Yes, I’ve missed the Clintons.

No, I don’t want Bonnie and Clyde back in the White House again. That would not be a Good Thing. But who could not enjoy the Hillary persona as presented in today’s New York Times:

“She is, in this latest unveiling, the Nurturing Warrior. She displays a cozy acquaintance (‘Let’s chat’) and leaderly confidence (‘I’m in it to win it’). She is a tea-sipping girlfriend who vows to ‘deck’ anyone who attacks her; a giggly mom who invokes old Girl Scout songs and refuses to apologize for voting for the Iraq War Resolution in 2002. Her aim, of course, is to show that she is tough enough to lead Americans in wartime but tender enough to understand their burdens.”

The fascinating thing about Hillary is that she never seems quite human. And, what with the fake southern accent and all, she let Obama win the authenticity vote in Selma. As Real Clear Politics notes:

“Six weeks ago I was of the opinion that she had a decent chance of winning the black vote, but today, in the aftermath of the David Geffen affair, which helped whack ten points off her lead, and this weekend’s head-to-head down in Selma, on the current trajectory there is no way Hillary Clinton will beat out Barack Obama for the black vote.

“And what has to have the Hillary camp scared stiff is the possibility that not only will Obama win the black vote, but that he might win it overwhelmingly. Last night on Fox News’ Special Report with Brit Hume, Fred Barnes suggested that Obama would win 80 % of the black vote. Today I would agree that 70 – 80 percent is a very real possibility.

“If you watch Obama’s speech from this weekend he sends a clear message that he is not going to let any campaign try and make the case that he is ‘not black enough.'”

If Obama gets the nomination, will Hillary cry real tears?

I know I will – he’s a much harder candidate to beat. Even his opponent will have to pay obeisance to the idea that his race for the White House is inspiration.