As you probably picked up from my CPAC round-up, I wholeheartedly disagree with Charlotte and Mike Gallagher about Ann Coulter’s comments at CPAC.

Criticizing Coulter has nothing to do with caving to Political Correctness.  I abhor Political Correctness.  I would be happy to defend Coulter for a controversial comment, provided the comment had a useful purpose or message.  Her comment at CPAC was not constructive in any way and was indeed harmful to the conservative movement which Coulter invariably supports.

What is the benefit of sinking to such a low level when the topic of the ridicule wasn’t even relevant?  All Coulter succeeded in was reinforcing negative stereotypes about conservatives and providing fundraising fodder for Edwards.

Think about all the college kids in attendance (upwards of 3,000 students went to CPAC this year).  These kids look up to people like Coulter.  And what does she give them?  What do they learn?  Name calling.  I’m not saying you can’t occasionally rouse up the crowd with a joke poking fun at the other side, but Coulter has more relevant material, not to mention jokes that are actually funny that she can draw from.  Conservatives shouldn?t be afraid to defend themselves from liberal attacks, but we also shouldn’t be afraid to call out other conservatives when they act in a way that we disagree with.

Look at the amazing schedule CPAC had.  Speakers included presidential candidates and other prominent politicians, acclaimed authors, leading thinks, and committed activists.  Now, ask yourself if you’ve heard anything about the other speakers.  Or, have you just heard about one sentence from Coulter’s speech?  Whether she intended to or not, she sucked all the oxygen out of CPAC and that has no benefit to the conservative movement.