I’m glad that Mike Gallagher is not abandoning Ann Coulter (neither am I ’cause she makes me laugh):

“I’m positively amazed at all the serious American conservative voices who are throwing right-wing flamethrower Ann Coulter under the bus for her schoolyard joke about political correctness and the word ‘faggot.’

“The snorts of disapproval and huffs and puffs are pouring in. ‘I was not amused.’  ‘She hurts the conservative movement.’  ‘We should never name-call.’  ‘She was a distraction from the serious straw poll that featured strong showings by Romney and Guiliani.’ And on and on…

“Why are so many conservatives afraid to fight back?

“Time and time again, we’re called a variety of names by liberal Democrats.  We wag our finger at them and warn them to stop calling us Nazis and liars and warmongers and the like.

“So when one of our own gets under the skin of wimpy liberals, we burn her at the stake?”

And let’s get this straight – Ann harms liberals, not conservatives. Why? Because, like it or not, ridicule is the most effective weapon.

Ann has been thrown under the bus before by conservatives. (Scroll down in Howie Kurtz’s column to find previous denunciations–and Ann’s invariably funny response.)

And yet she has always survived.

As they say at Hillary rallies: You go, girl!

PS. This Just In! Don’t miss John Podhoretz’s hilarious column about the ’08 candidates that has this gem: Mitt Romney: “I would just like to denounce Ann Coulter, and I would like it noted for the record that this is my Sister Souljah moment.”

PPS. I misread my Gallaghers–for a while I attributed the pro-Ann remarks to the wrong Gallagher. My apologies.