Our friend Carol Platt Liebau’s fascinating column on Barack Obama, with whom she worked on the Harvard Law Review, won’t make us stop worrying about the policies a President Obama would bring with him – but it does point out one of the important ways in which he differs from Senator Clinton:

“He has a sense of humor. In May of 2006, I encountered Barack in the hall of the Russell Senate Office Building, surrounded by a gaggle of advisors. To my surprise, he hailed me over, teasingly referencing a spectacularly fashion-backward pair of horn-rimmed glasses I had often worn during Review days. I complimented his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and then, for some reason, felt it necessary to remind him that my praise was qualified by the fact that ‘of course I don’t agree with any of your policies.’ With that, Barack simply threw back his head and laughed. Can anyone imagine Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or Howard Dean reacting that way?”