How did Joseph Wilson IV, who started the whole Libby debacle, react to the verdict? In an article headlined “Trying Times for Wilsons, Too,” the Washington Post offered some delicious vignettes into the world of Joe Wilson. He was at the trendy Bombay Club restaurant when his cell phone rang:

 “[After getting the news], Wilson went home to change into a double-breasted gray suit, raspberry tie and black ankle-high boots. Then he reported to the spare office suite at the corner of 14th and I streets NW that is home to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the legal watchdog group handling the Wilsons’ civil suit against Libby, Vice President Cheney, presidential aide Karl Rove and former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage.

“If this trial has provided evidence of just how expertly the administration could command the press’s attention, it also has offered new media ops for this administration archnemesis.

“First came the teleconference with print and radio reporters, then three offices in the suite were cleared for TV crews to set up. The space filled with filtered lights, cables snaking under doors, equipment dollies and a rotating cast from various networks.

“Wilson drifted between the rooms, his suit coat open, holding a cup of water, giving an interview in one room while crews were setting up in the other two. There was a smile on his face. It was not a gloating smile, but it was a smile of great contentment.

“As for who might play him and his wife in the Hollywood movie that’s reportedly in the works, he said, ‘I only ask that Jack Black be cast in a role other than that of Joe Wilson.'”