I’m a big fan of PostSecret – a site where people send in anonymous postcards with their deepest secrets spelled out for the world to see.

This secret caught my eye.  Alongside a picture of a mother with her baby, it reads: I am happier being a stay-at-home mom than I have ever been in my whole life – and I DON’T miss my career.

At first that seems all warm and fuzzy, right?  Mother loves baby.  Mother sends in postcard to tell the world she loves her baby.  It’s all sunshine and lollipops.  Or is it?  Whoever sent in that postcard thinks that enjoying being a stay-at-home mom is her biggest secret.  This woman’s confession is a testament to the pressure and biases women who chose to stay at home often face from modern society.  It’s a shame that such a clear joy for this woman is a secret.