The Christian Science Monitor has a piece this morning about “Baby Loves Disco” — a new program under which moms can take their toddlers to nightclubs during the day.  According to the article, the program is immensely popular.

It seems like a sad sign of the times.  Are there mothers out there who really don’t understand why a dark nightclub, plenty of adult strangers, loud music and a cash bar combined present a less-than-wholesome scenario for little ones?  Or are the parents’ desires so important that the best interests of the little ones simply don’t matter? 

Increasingly, one reads stories like these that suggest that children have become the new equivalent of the tiny dogs starlets are wont to carry around in their purses — seen as the season’s cute and cuddly must-have accessory, but justifying no restrictions whatsoever on the grown-ups’ desires or way of life.