I love living in Washington DC–the city is beautiful and, as far as cities go, it’s easy to get around with lots to do.  Unfortunately, it is also awash in crime. I live in a relatively nice neighborhood and yet still there are frequent muggings and murders, many of them carried out by criminals with guns.  The only people in DC without guns, it seems, are law-abiding citizens, making all of us easy targets for crime. 

That’s changing. An appellate court ruling just overturned DC’s gun ban, explaining that the second amendment isn’t just for those in militias but for citizens who want to defend themselves.  Robert Levy, a Cato scholar and one of the lawyers in this case, explains the problems with DC’s policy in an excellent oped in today’s Washington Post, called “A Victory for Self Defense.”   

Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. Anti-gun regulations don’t address the deep-rooted causes of violent crime — such as illegitimacy, unemployment, dysfunctional schools, and drug and alcohol abuse. The cures are complex and protracted. But that doesn’t mean we have to become passive prey for criminal predators. Americans who want to defend themselves by possessing suitable firearms should be able to do so.

Off and on over the years, Washington has reclaimed its title as the nation’s murder capital. The D.C. government has been minimally effective in disarming violent criminals. But it has done a superb job of disarming decent, peaceable residents.

Congratulations to the team for their successful suit and, as a DC resident, I want to give a personal thank you!