As a fan of the Colbert Report, it makes me cry a little inside that Democratic Caucus chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) encouraged new Democratic members of Congress to avoid Stephen Colbert (who profiles members of Congress in his “Better Know a District” segment).

Better Know a District is the best part of the Colbert report.  I understand why Emanuel would want to avoid negative publicity that might stem from Colbert, but as a consumer of the show I hope people don’t take his advice.  Otherwise, we’ll all miss out on some comedic gems.  Remember when Paul Wexler (D-Fl.) said that he enjoys cocaine because it’s fun to do?  Or when Eleanor Holmes Norton said that if Colbert was an ice cream flavor he’d be vanilla (to which Colbert said he was clearly French vanilla)?  Or, one of my recent favorites, when John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) argued the “pro” side in a “is it okay to throw kittens into a woodchipper” debate?

It’s all in good fun and I hope it continues.