It’s so interesting that radical feminists would rather attack the U.S. than defend women’s rights in the Middle East. I suspect that the reason is Islamofascists hate the West- just as our own homegrown radicals do deep down. Mona Charen notes that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who grew up in a Muslim family in Somalia, appreciates the bracing freedom of the West:

“She witnessed the rise of Islamic extremism – Saudi money and influence spread the virus worldwide – and even felt drawn to it herself for a while, shrouding her body in a hijab and trying to pray fervently five times a day.

“But she also read all the Western books, novels mostly, she could cadge in Nairobi, and these planted seeds in her young mind. There could be equality between men and women. Instead of being force-marched into arranged marriages, young women could think of romance and even love.

“Those seeds would sprout later, when she fled an arranged marriage herself and sought refuge in Holland. Far more perceptive than most around her, she could see that Holland’s unwillingness to give offense to Muslims was enabling the Muslim minority to continue to persecute its girls and women on European soil.

“She is now in the United States, after a tumultuous time in Holland, and we are the richer for it. This is a brave, humane and fascinating book by an extraordinary woman.”