Our friends in the Network of Enlightened Women at Arizona State University recently got a shout out in the East Valley Tribune.  Check it out:

“A decade ago, playwright Eve Ensler launched the ‘Monologues,’ a diatribe on a woman’s vagina, allegedly in response to violence against women. She’s spread her tripe worldwide. I can’t figure out how women, in vulgar theatrics, can disrespect the female body under the pretense they’re teaching men to clean up their act. If someone can help me out here, please do.

“The harm Ensler causes is too lengthy for this space, exacerbated by the adoration of lost women, searching to be valued. Her graphic theater is nothing more than shocking participation in the very abuse she claims to target. Check out her Q and A.

“‘Monologues’ recently appeared on the ASU campus. Like sheep, coeds trooped in to be indoctrinated. But, here’s the good news — here’s why I address this subject: Outside was a small group of protestors who refused to be lured over the liberal cliff. With soul-deep purpose, they fearlessly stood on behalf of a woman’s complete worth and against the irreverent monologues…

“Those gutsy protestors are members of The Network of enlightened Women (NeW). They speak for more people than they have any idea, yet the politically correct, rabid feminists who, as it would seem have been resurrected, out-shout, out-spend and out-rage those who see the power of women another way.”

The full article is here.  IWF’s spotlight on ASU NeW is here.