Charlotte has been gushing about the 300 on Inkwell for awhile now. I finally made it out to see the movie a few days ago and have to echo her praise of the movie. It’s amazingly stylish and enjoyable. Since Charlotte was kind enough to recommend the 300 to Inkwell readers, I thought I would offer a recommendation of my own: go to and check out the trailer for Evan Maloney’s new film.
Evan’s much awaited full length film is finally here and it’s a joy to see.  As David French said over on Phi Beta Cons last week, most people have no idea just how ridiculous the PC culture is on campus, especially in how it is used to stifle speech on campus.  You have to see it to believe it.  Indoctrinate U provides that much needed service, and does so in a remarkably entertaining way.
Here’s more info from the film’s press release:
“When we think of college, we think of intellectual freedom.  We imagine four years of exploring ideas through vigorous debate and critical thinking,’ Maloney said.  ’But the reality is very far from the ideal.  What most of us don’t know is that American college students surrender their rights to free thought and free speech the minute they set foot on campus.’

“London’s Daily Telegraph has called the long-awaited feature-length film ’as slick and incisive as anything by Michael Moore.’ Hailed by the New York Sun as one of ’America’s most promising’ documentary filmmakers, Maloney has assembled a scorching indictment of higher education in America today, one that should make students, parents, trustees, lawmakers, voters, and taxpayers sit up and take notice.
“Maloney spent two and a half years investigating jaw-dropping incidents of political persecutio– directed at students and professors alike–at more than twenty schools across the country. From elite Ivy League campuses to the largest state universities and the smallest community colleges, Indoctrinate U points a critical lens at every level of the academic establishment.
“Hard-hitting and humorous, the film tells the story of how, in the name of education, schools from coast to coast ruthlessly compel conformity of thought.  Focusing on the experiences of students and faculty who risk harassment, censorship, and even their futures when they dissent, Indoctrinate U makes the campus culture wars–often treated as an abstract battle of ideas–intensely personal and unforgettably human.”
Check out the trailer here.