A new Swedish study has suggested that feminism may constitute a health hazard to men and women alike.  Interestingly, the article talks about “equality” presenting health risks — but it should be pointed out that the term is used in conformity with feminist theory, where equality is defined as “sameness” between the sexes.  And given that fact, is it any wonder that there are adverse consequences when men are treated exactly like women and women are treated exactly like men?

It’s amusing that the study also speculates that “equality has not yet been fully achieved in society and that these effects are part of a transitional process on the road to fairness.”  In other words, men need to be forced more completely into the private sphere before things can truly improve.  Reminds one a bit of the leftist political scientists who have continued to believe that socialism (or communism, for that matter) can still work — it’s just that the theories have never been implemented correctly.

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