Those of you worried about the future of the West must read this from Paul Belien, an editor of the Brussels Journal. Marvel at the courage of Marij Uijt den Bogaard, a former Antwerp civil servant whose job it was to assist immigrants with their administrative paperwork, and whose tale of how radical Islamists (Salafists) have gone about taking over that city should chill you to the bone. 

Uijt den Bogaard relates how young, male Salafists dressed in black, trained in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and flush with money provided by the Saudis, moved into the neighborhoods. Due to their eloquence, these radicals became the official spokesmen of the Muslim community in its interactions with the city authorities, who capitulate to their demands, such as separate swimming hours for Muslim women in the municipal pools.

Uijt den Bogaard’s reports to Antwerp authorities about the spreading radicalization riled both the Islamists and her city bosses, who ordered her to “change her attitude.” One day, in the company of her superior, she was attacked by a Muslim youth. Her superior did not interfere. Subsequently she was fired. Politicians, who want the Muslim vote, have refused to come to her aid, and the radicals have threatened her with reprisals if she continues to speak out. Recently the post of integration officer, whose task it is to supervise 25 Antwerp mosques, was given to a Salafist.

In a letter to city authorities she wrote:

You employ workers to improve social cohesion in the city’s neighborhoods. But if you do not want to know what is damaging social cohesion, then you need not bother sending those workers!…Employees who are confronted with this problem [of Muslim radicalization] and investigate are silently removed, losing their income and their reputation. That is censorship in the fashion of political dictatorships.

Ominously, the Salafists have an international network that replicates the same tactics in other European cities so courageously reported on by Uijt den Bogaard. The Antwerp radicals’ adroit maneuvering and manipulation of officialdom bode ill.