Amanda Carpenter has a great article over at Human Events today looking at the fundraising battle between Obama and Hillary.  Hillary, of course, was the self-proclaimed winner of the first money battle, then *snap* Obama came in with more primary cash dollars.  “Oh no, you didn’t!”:

“Considering the numerous advantages Hillary had over Obama in fundraising capacity, his success is sure to be sending chills through her campaign. Even with her expert schmoozer and former President husband, her army of operatives and hordes of loyal Clintonistas, Obama beat her to the primary punch.

“In the short-term Obama’s stunt will spread goodwill through the far-left base that’s unhappy with Hillary’s chickenhawk war stance, but the afterglow won’t last long. If there’s anything the Clintons take seriously, it’s being best at taking other people’s money. Undoubtedly, Hillary will redouble her fundraising efforts. And, when she’s ready to dismantle Obama’s campaign once and for all, he won’t be laughing anymore.”

Check out the article here.