Washington, DC – The Independent Women’s Forum applauds the College Sports Council on the release of their new longitudinal analysis of Title IX’s effects on college athletics. Looking at 25 years of NCAA athletic participation data, the CSC clearly shows an ongoing pattern of eliminating male teams and roster spots, while women’s athletics continue to prosper.

The biggest myth that this groundbreaking study debunks is the idea that Title IX benefits women with no ill effects on men. The study shows that more than 2,200–nearly one-fifth–of men’s teams have been eliminated since 1981.

“We all want women to have the opportunity to participate in athletics, but we want male athletes to have opportunities too,” said IWF vice president Carrie Lukas. “It is long past due for a law that is equitable to both sexes.” The CSC’s findings should outrage anyone who cares about equality and fairness,” said Lukas.

“This study finally confirms what IWF has said for years: that Title IX has been used as a weapon against male athletes in the name of ‘gender equity,'” said director of campus programs Allison Kasic. “Men’s teams are in a constant state of decline and some, including men’s gymnastics, are on the verge of extinction.  The current situation benefits neither men nor women and policy makers should look into serious reform of Title IX enforcement,” said Kasic.

To view the study, please visit http://savingsports.org


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