Washington, D.C.–The Independent Women’s Forum applauds Attorney General Roy Cooper and the two special prosecutors appointed to the Duke lacrosse case for dropping all charges associated with the case. After a messy year full of procedural errors, media bias, and a chaotic environment on campus, justice has finally been served.

“It is long past due for all charges to be dropped in the Duke case,” said IWF vice president Carrie Lukas, “If not for District Attorney Michael Nifong’s improper and incompetent behavior throughout the investigation, charges would have been dropped a long time ago.”

“Rape is a serious crime, but false rape allegations are also a serious weapon.” When someone falsely accuses someone of rape, they don’t just cause harm to the accused, but to every woman who has been legitimately raped,” said Lukas.

“Perhaps finally the ‘guilty until proven innocent crowd’ at Duke will finally quiet down,” added IWF campus director Allison Kasic.  “A disturbingly large majority within the Duke Administration and faculty have laid the lacrosse team out to dry from day one of the investigation.”

IWF commentary on the Duke scandal: http://www.iwf.org/news/show/1042.html  

Video of IWF’s “What Went Wrong at Duke?” panel discussion is available at http://www.iwf.org/video.asp


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