Sigmund, Carl and Alfred
…who bill themselves as having “spoken to your mother” and knowing “everything,” have come up with a potent vehicle for putting pressure on the nation’s black leadership to speak out against the vile content and consequences of violent, misogynistic rap music. They have founded:

The Sharpton-Jackson Watch, Day One

The April 12th entry reads:
This is the first day of the Sharpton-Jackson watch.

We’re waiting to see how fast Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will demand the cancellation of recording contracts and removal from the public stage of the most foul mouthed, racist and bigoted rap artists. Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, we’re waiting…What follows are a few rap lyric that that Reverends Sharpton and Jackson need to address. A new selection of lyrics will appear regularly.

Warning: The lyrics posted by Sigmund & Co. are truly repulsive.