If you want to see what a therapy nation we have become, you have only to watch the coverage of the horror at Virginia Tech. I’m amazed at the number of kids who want to “move forward.” Perhaps the pain is just so enormous. 

Like me, however, curmudgeon Dennis Prager finds the talk of early healing premature. In fact, Prager regards such talk as “both foolish and immoral:”

“It is foolish because one does not speak about healing the same day (or week or perhaps even month) that one is traumatized — especially by evil. One must be allowed time for anger and grief. To speak of healing and “closure” before one goes through those other emotions is to speak not of healing but of suppression.

“Not to allow people time to experience their natural, and noble, instincts to feel rage and grief actually deprives them of the ability to heal in the long run. After all, if there is no rage and grief, what is there to heal from?”