I’ve been glued to coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings. But I can’t help asking of the parade of psychologists, friends of the slain, and other experts on TV: What planet do these people live on?

On National Review, James Bowman writes about:

“…the Virginia Tech students who fled as the Korean gunman, Cho Seung Hui, went on his homicidal rampage on their campus Monday–or who, like Jamal Albarghouti, instead of fleeing, took out their cell phones to record the sights and sounds of the massacre. ‘This is what this YouTube-Facebook-instant messaging generation does,’ reported the Washington Post of Albarghouti’s exploit as if it were a matter for pride: “Witness. Record. Share.” And, as the Post might have added, not fight back. It appears to have occurred to no one to do that.”

Jim does see one hero of the Virginia Tech horror: a man from a different generation. Read the whole column.

Mark Steyn also laments the “culture of passivity.”