From Reuters:

“Chinese tourism authorities are seeking investment to build a novel concept attraction — the world’s first ‘women’s town,’ where men get punished for disobedience, an official said Thursday.

“The 2.3-square-km Longshuihu village in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing municipality, also known as ‘women’s town,’ was based on the local traditional concept of ‘women rule and men obey,’ a tourism official told Reuters.

“‘Traditional women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sichuan province and Chongqing, and now we are using it as an idea to attract tourists and boost tourism,’ the official, surname Li, said by telephone.

“The tourism bureau planned to invest between 200 million yuan ($26 million) and 300 million yuan in infrastructure, roads and buildings, Li said.”

…”The motto of the new town would be ‘women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women’s requests,’ Chinese media have reported.

“When tour groups enter the town, female tourists would play the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by ‘kneeling on an uneven board’ or washing dishes in restaurant, media reports said.”