Democrats are debating whether the blog Firedoglake-you know the pro-Lamont blog that that made racially-charged slurs against Joe Lieberman-was the wisest venue for Hillary Clinton’s posting on the so-called Equal Pay Day.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama seized upon Equal Pay Day to jump on the comparable worth bandwagon. Mickey Kaus says best:

“Dealbreaker: Obama has apparently just endorsed one of the worst ideas of Carter era liberalism, ‘comparable worth,’ which would have lawyers and judges deciding what every job is ‘worth’ according to some bureaucratic, non-market criteria that would inevitably punish ‘unskilled’ manual work–i.e, the very workers who are screwed the most by globalization. Are truckdrivers really paid too much? … [You are just refighting the battles of the ’80s–ed Hard to avoid when the ’80s keep coming back.] … Too bad neoliberalism is dead, or else there might be some Democrats pointing out what a dreadful, recycled idea this is.”

Kaus seems to think that Hillary doesn’t go as far as Obama. You be the judge. Maybe she’s content with collecting data and intimidating employees with legal threats.

Here is a better take on the pay equity issue by IWF’s Carrie Lukas.