Speaker Pelosi was on the radio this morning saying that the president wants a “blank check” to pursue the war in Iraq. I think he simply realizes what the effect of failure would be. I hate to post an article that appeared yesterday today. But Dennis Prager got it right- even if you believe entering Iraq was a mistake, you should recognize that leaving would be a worse mistake.

“If we leave Iraq:

“It will be a great victory for the most dangerous ideology on earth today. The people running North Korea are presumably as evil as the Islamists. But there is no ideology emanating from North Korea that threatens mankind. We are fighting an ideology, supported by millions of people, that wishes to conquer the world and routinely engages in mass murder of the innocent — especially the innocent — to achieve its totalitarian goals.

“No one will trust America’s commitment for the foreseeable future. Nations and forces aligned with America against freedom-hating enemies will conclude that it is actually quite easy to defeat the United States of America. Just kill relatively few of that country’s soldiers, and the U.S.A. will soon abandon you.

“The very best Iraqis — and members of their families — will be slaughtered like animals.”

It would also doom any hope for the rise of a more moderate Islam.