What was your favorite quote from last night’s debate?  Mine was, “I know everyone says this, but it’s not me, it’s you.”  Wait, that was from the Office.

The Reagan comparisons were over the top.  This AP article says the candidates only invoked Reagan 19 times, but it seemed like a lot more than that.  Peggy Noonan talks about talks about why the Reagan compressions are a bad thing (the only Reagan was Reagan) in her column today.  Likewise, over at the Corner Mona Charon urges candidates to stop talking about Reagan’s optimism.

And, was I the only one distracted by the guy who looked like Kenny Rodgers in the audience?  I mean, was that Kenny Rodgers?  Because if he wasn’t, he looked just like Kenny Rodgers.

If you missed the debate, the transcript is up here.  And I’m sure videos clips abound on YouTube.  Today the big post-debate question is “who won?”  But with ten people on stage, it’s hard for one person to outshine the rest.  And with the flow of the debate moving so quickly, we didn’t see a level of depth and explanation that would really draw out the differences between the candidates.  Sure, some candidates came off better than others, but nothing monumental happened that would shake up the polls.  The top three will still be the top three — no one made a major gaff.  What does everyone else think?