Stanley Kurtz has a glowing review of Evan Coyne Maloney’s upcoming documentary Indoctrinate U over at National Review Online today:

“Indoctrinate U explores the Kafkaesque nightmares that befall students and professors who run up against the P.C. behemoth: A woman with two brothers – one an adopted Guatemalan orphan – writes a letter to her school paper saying she wouldn’t want to see one brother favored over the other because of skin color. A professor questions the fairness of a panel on which all seven speakers favor reparations for slavery. A representative of the College Republicans posts a flier at the campus multi-cultural center advertising a lecture by a conservative black speaker. A student writes a column complaining that the school’s ‘issues committee’ invites only left-leaning speakers to campus. A professor is accidentally revealed to be a Republican. A student from Kuwait writes an essay praising the role of the United States in world affairs. Everyone knows that such actions fly in the face of campus orthodoxy, yet few will be prepared for the enormity of the punishment these nonconformists face.

“I don’t want to give these remarkable stories away, but a couple themes are worth mentioning. Threats of sensitivity training and psychiatric referrals stand out as a particularly sinister administrative tactic. And ‘tactic’ is the right word. It’s apparent that in a number of cases, universities aren’t looking for a fair investigation or resolution of these conflicts, but are intentionally intimidating conservative students and professors as a way of forcing them to conform or quit. What you can’t help but see – and feel – after watching Indoctrinate U is that these incredibly disproportionate public ordeals send out powerful messages to anyone on campus unwilling to toe the college’s political line.”

Read the whole review here.  Find out more about the film here.