That’s what Jessica Valenti tells her readers in her new book “Full Frontal Feminism.” According to Allison Kasic, who reviews the book today, Valenti adds that young women are afraid of the label and seeks to help them overcome their fear:

“So what is feminism and why is everyone afraid of it?  In the first chapter Valenti reveals her preference for the dictionary definition:  Feminism is ‘belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.’  With that definition, I’d be delighted to count myself a feminist in the Valenti mold.  I’d like to think that we can all agree of the equality of the sexes.  But Valenti’s feminism is quite an other thing.

“Instead, like many feminist authors before her, Valenti quickly expands feminism to include a wide array of liberal pet causes. If you don’t agree with them, guess what? You’re not really a feminist – you’re an anti-feminist.  According to Valenti, feminists demand government-funded preschools and universal childcare, think American culture ‘breeds a society where rape is expected and practically okayed,’ and proudly wear shirts that say ‘I don’t f*** Republicans.'”