Speaker Pelosi has referred to President Bush’s “unending war.” She has a point, according to columnist Cal Thomas:

“She got it partly right. It is an unending war, at least until one side vanquishes the other side. There will be no truce in this war; no ‘38th Parallel’ as with the two Koreas. This war will be unending, not because of the “Bush policy,” but because of the Islamofascists whose jihad they believe is a direct order from their ‘compassionate and merciful’ God. Some compassion; some mercy. …

“Wars are frustrating. People die. Mistakes are made. The United States has made many mistakes in previous wars, but the nonstop media weren’t broadcasting them in real time, as they are in this one. And where is the media balance depicting honor and heroism?

“The Iraq war is not like Vietnam. We can’t pull out until stability is achieved and the terrorists lose. Vietnamese communists didn’t come after us when that war ended, but Islamic terrorists will and are coming after us. They will be emboldened to kill more than the 3,000 who died on September 11 if we don’t demonstrate resolve at least equal to theirs.”