If the PC police are as active in England as here, “A Dangerous Book for Boys” may be a dangerous book for its editors. It’s a collection of stories and such that boys might actually want to read (as opposed to what’s assigned in school today). Christina Hoff Sommers gives it a great review:

“Today’s boys inhabit a danger-averse world where even old favorites like tag and dodge ball are under a cloud – Too competitive! Someone might get hurt! The National Parent Teacher Association recommends a cooperative alternative to the fiercely competitive “tug of war” called “tug of peace.”

“By contrast, ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’ has detailed instructions on how to hunt, kill, skin and cook a rabbit.

“Yet the book doesn’t encourage boys to be Neanderthals. It tells them they have to become gentlemen. To this end, it offers lessons in manners, grammar and ‘seven poems every boy should know.’ It features an astute essay on that most mysterious of subjects, girls, and how to respect them, make friends with them and not to offend them.”